Szemesz is a multi-faceted, web-based service designed to help you and your business succeed. Our services include web development and design, promotional video production, and collaborative meetings, all focused on one result: helping you achieve your business goals.

Running a business today is far more complicated than it was in our parents' or grandparents' days. To create a one-man start-up back then, all you needed was a little capital, good business sense, and lots of hard work. Today, managing online media and social advertising is a full-time job in itself. Businesses are expected to have well-maintained accounts on all social media sites, and as a well-designed and smooth-running website. As if that weren't enough extra work, the webscape is continually changing and updating, and you need to keep your business from falling out of step.

Below are some of the services we offer, and how they can help your business.

Web Design

Help your business grow with a functional, attractive, and up-to-date website. Today, much of your company's business will come from the internet, making your website their first impression. Web coding languages have become ever more complex as they try to keep pace with new technology, meaning web function and design are quickly outdated. We want to keep your website on the cutting edge of design and development so you can keep your customers happy.

Promotional Video Production

The web is saturated with video advertisements and promos, meaning your video needs to stand out. You want your promotional video to look as professional as your business, but if your business doesn't happen to be cinematography, you might be in some trouble. Don't let your best foot forward look like an amateur production. Let our skill and experience help you create a stunning video that stands out from the crowd.

Business Meeting Group

Our newest service, The Business Meeting Group in London connects like-minded business people and entrepreneurs. Together, we can help each other succeed. To learn more, visit our Meetings page.

international business meeting

In next few months we will creat bussines meeting group in London.

promotion charities

We will suport charity

what new?

We launching soon new project



"Once we accept our limits, we go beyound them." -Albert Einstein

"Succesful people are simply those with succesful habits." -Brian Tracy





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